Talk About Beauty Regime

My first talk about beauty with my Mom is when I was 12 years old (pretty young, huh?). Back then, I was just a little less-hygiene girl with lots of acne on my face and at the back of my body. It was the darkest time of my life. I was a teenager, with no self-esteem (at all), and my face full of red acne. They just keep coming back. So annoying!

My 12-year-old power (everything that I can, back then) tried every thing to just make it all go away. But they don’t. Long story short, my Mom talked to me and she gave me her facial soap to try on. So, I took her advice and used her facial shop (until now).

clq_610103_181x209.png (181×209)

(Source: Clinique)

This is my life-saver. Clinique Facial Soap, I’m using type 2 (for Dry Combination). Just for your information: I have a dry combination skin. My overall skin is dry-okay, and on the T-zone area is a bit oily than the rest of my face.

I’m going to be honest with you, my face were covered with red acne for a long time and I don’t suddenly become a very hygienic person in short time. And because of that, my face heals slowly. I remember I started to feel good about my skin when I was in senior high-school. It took 3 year-ish for me to clear out my skin. But all I ever do was cleansed my face with Clinique Facial Soap. So I think this soap doing a very good job if not great here.

I think if you’re having a breakout and you’re scared to try new product, I can–almost–guarantee you that this soap will cause you no harm, and can does good to your skin. Not to mild for your skin (because then maybe you’ll feel nothing changed after you use it), but not to strong that your skin will be shock and start to show some kind of allergic reactions.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any before-after picture to show you guys. But this is  very good product. It comes with the other treatment as well. Clinique is famously known for their 3-Steps product; and my soap is one of the 3-Steps product. I’ll briefly describe Clinique 3-Steps below (according to their website):

Step 1: Cleanse. The soap (in the form of liquid or bar) contains non-drying formulas which will leave your skins feeling fresh, clean, and comfortable.

Step 2: Exfoliate. After you cleanse you skin, next step is to use their clarifying lotion. What it does is sweeps away pollution, excess oil, dulling flakes to reveal fresher skin. (I skipped this step, because I don’t have any excess oil or anything, and it’s alcohol based)

Step 3: Moisturize. Last step is to give yourself a good moisturizer. On the website, it says that you should give your skin the ‘drink’ it needs to maintain optimal moisture balance. (I used this product, and it makes my skin a lot better, but then I changed to the other moisturizer; I will tell you that on  another story. Stay tuned!)